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BitGamer is a brand new esports platform where gamers can earn play, socialize, and compete with one another for cryptocurrency.

BitGamer intends to capture the entire gaming market by providing a one-stop shop for gamers to socialize, build communities, and compete for cryptocurrency & prizes.

Our unique new Proof-Of-Gaming (PoG) concept enables us to use the full extent of the capabilities of blockchain technology by leveraging cryptocurrency as a reward for time spent playing video games.

BTK or Bit Tokens will also serve many other purposes. For instance, BTK can be used to purchase online merchandise from the web shop like promotional wear, computer accessories, and digital assets.

Tournament providers will also be provided with all the tools necessary to complete a successful tournament using our Smart Tournament system. They will also find it very easy to market their tournament by hooking directly into our gaming communities via our Game Hubs, and will also give them the opportunity to become a Featured Tournament.

We also will offer a revenue sharing opportunity, where they will receive a percentage of the prize pool, paid out in Bit TOkens. Every transaction that occurs on BitGamer�s platform, there will be a 5% fee included, where 2% is given back to the gamers via our Bounty Program, and the other 3% going for platform upkeep and to the host of the tournament.

Bit Tokens will be vital to the ecosystem of the entire platform, where we intend to create win-win-win scenarios between the gamers, the tournament providers, and the platform.

By leveraging blockchain technology with a new �mining� experience geared towards gaming, Bit Tokens are in line to become the world�s leading cryptocurrency used by gamers everywhere.