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Earn bitcoin while you play video games

Welcome to! Use our platform to store and query eSports match data on Bitcoin. Find an opponent and play a game Submit your match results That's it! You now have a global gaming identity, powered by Bitcoin What's next? This prototype is just the first step in Bitgamer's journey. Bitgamer will ultimately become the hub for the gaming community and its data. Our platform hopes to utilize the immense capabilities of Bitcoin to attract both game players and developers with revolutionary new technologies. Our APIs for Game Developers: Player profiles, statistics, and match history Universal Ranking System: TrueSkill, ELO, and other algorithms Proof of Gaming: A record of time spent in-game Incentives and Rewards: Game developers can pay players small amounts of cryptocurrency as a reward for achievements and time spent in-game Automated tournaments, leaderboards, and prize pools In-game currency: Includes purchases from fiat and payments to game developers Game settings and ownership: Game preferences and activation codes, accessible anywhere Abuse reports Our Ecosystem for Gamers: A social network for gamers, with profiles and content stored on the blockchain A blockchain-powered, pay-per-view streaming service for live matches A tournament platform with leagues, cryptocurrency prize pools, and match wagers A simple client for mining Bitcoin while a computer is inactive. Gamers already have high GPU systems: put them to work. An academy that educates the average gamer about the capabilities of Bitcoin A marketplace for gamers to buy and sell digital assets, purchase gaming hardware, and cash out their earnings to their e-wallets Pets that players can grow and evolve with points they receive from using our service Advanced AI to monitor for anti-bullying and toxic behavior. Infractions will be stored on Bitcoin as part of their player rating. A notification and calendar application to help organize player schedules